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We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality on the market. Our products are perfectly manufactured, and their quality is monitored starting with raw materials until they reach our customers.
We have the best international cladding panels, which are distinguished by their high quality and distinctive colors, which gives Egypt Africa.

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EGYPT AFRICA Coated with Fiuoro-carbon(pvdf) resin, It with stands the extreme weather conditions and minimizes the possibillity of acid alkali and salt spray cossosion, hence unaffected the tempreature change and bask of altra violet ray, and it can be used for 20 years without fade.
EGYPT AFRICA is co,posed of (steel - aluminum - plywood - etc) that have a great effect in sound isolation comparing to the other types of material. SMOOTH COATING AND VAIOUS COLOR EGYPT AFRICA dealing with surface of aluminium material and with the application of henkle technology makes the panel stamped with very strong smooth face and various color for your choice.
EGYPT AFRICA Perform well in its pollute resistance, even it is used in seriosly polluted area the panel just needs to be maintained and cleanned after several years use. Only neutral cleanser and water needed for its self-clean performance, it looks like new after clean.
EGYPT AFRICA Reduces the replacement cost and installation times since the system dose not require additional reinforcing structure and insulation layer. GREAT IMPACT RESISTANT EGYPT AFRICA Viscoelastic high molecular resin coprises the core, preventing cracking or breaking, Yet comes with the exceptional high stiffness and impact resistant.
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Egypt Africa stands for sustainable construction quality and the highest creative standards by being high-grade

sturdy, and distinct in appearance. The fa├žade material is distinguished by its exceptional product features,
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  • Why should I use cladding interfaces?
    Cladding facades provide protection for the building from environmental factors, and help improve thermal and sound insulation. It also gives the building a modern and attractive look.
  • Is cladding safe from fires?
    It depends on the type of cladding material used. We provide fire resistant options as per international standards.
  • Does cladding need regular maintenance?
    Cladding is characterized by its durability and low maintenance requirement. But it's a good idea to perform regular checkups to ensure it stays looking its best.
  • Do you offer guarantees on your work?
    Yes, we offer guarantees on the quality of the cladding installation and the materials we use.


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